Youth Leadership Positions

Below is a brief summary of the leadership positions that a Scout can choose to pursue, which has been extracted from the Scoutmaster Handbook and Senior Patrol Leader Handbook. Not every position will be filled in the troop every time, and there may be multiple youth filling a single position as needed. A standard election term is six months, but a Scout may be approached to fill a specific leadership need at any time.

Senior Patrol Leader

This is the youth leader with the most responsibility in the troop. He is elected by the Scouts and must be at least Star rank and approved by the Scoutmaster. He is responsible for guiding the patrol leaders in conducting the weekly meetings and outings.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

This Scout (there may be more than one) is appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) with the approval of the Scoutmaster, serves as his assistant, and performs his duties when the SPL is unavailable. He provides training and direction over the youth leaders who are not patrol leaders.

Patrol Leader

This Scout is elected by the members of an individual patrol and represents them in the patrol leader’s council (PLC). He also leads the patrol meetings each week and helps them plan their portion of the troop meeting and outings.

Assistant Patrol Leader

This Scout is appointed by the patrol leader. He assists the patrol leader on outings and at meetings, and fills in for the patrol leader when he is absent.

Troop Guide

This is a senior Scout who is appointed by the Scoutmaster and works with the newest Scouts to ensure that they are progressing in rank up through first class. He also mentors the patrol leader of the new-Scout patrol to help him know how to best perform his duties.

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

A Scout who has exhibited outstanding leadership and is at least 16 years of age may be appointed by the Scoutmaster as a JASM, who is the youth equivalent of an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Den Chief

A den chief works with a Cub Scout or Webelos den to assist with meetings, promote Boy Scouts, and encourage the cubs to join the troop. Den chiefs must be appointed by the Scoutmaster and be first class rank or above.


Each instructor is an older troop member, proficient in the Scouting skills needed to complete activities and advance in rank; and is proficient at passing those skills on to others.


This Scout manages the gear for the troop. When a Scout needs any equipment, they should contact the quartermaster to check out the equipment. The Scout will be expected to return the equipment in the same condition as it was when he checked it out.


The scribe is the record keeper for the troop. He takes notes at the Patrol Leader’s Council and troop meetings and distributes them to the troop. He takes attendance at meetings.

Order of the Arrow Representative

The OA Representative is the liaison between the OA and the troop. He promotes OA at the troop level and encourages year-round and resident camping for the troop.


This Scout is responsible for collecting and preserving troop photographs, news stories, memorabilia, etc. and preserving them for future Scouts in the troop. This could be in posting them to the troop website or Facebook page, keeping them in a central location, etc.


This scout maintains the troop Facebook page and website

Outdoor Ethics Guide

The Outdoor Ethics Guide is a resource that scouts use to learn about Leave no Trace principles at meetings and outings. This Scout should have completed LNT training and earned the camping and environmental science merit badges.


This Scout organizes the troop library of handbooks and merit badge books, and assists other Scouts in checking out scouting materials.

Chaplain’s Aide

This Scout provides opportunities for the troop to be reverent, by leading the group in before-meal grace, etc


This Scout should be able to make appropriate bugle calls, such as Reveille and Taps, as requested, at troop activities. This position can be applied towards leadership requirements for Star and Life, but not for Eagle.