Scoutmaster's Lean-To
built without cordage

Scout Lean-To
with warming fire

Debris Hut
Insulated and camouflaged 

Wilderness Survival 

Date: 24 October 2021

Scouts from troop 49 returned from our Wilderness Survival Weekend.  We survived the ominous downpour on Friday night from the Bomb Cyclone and luck seemed to be on our side all day Saturday and through the night.  Our scout-made survival-shelters kept everyone warm and dry!

Our three days of training included shelter building, first aid, priorities of survival, signaling, water purification and advanced bushcraft knife skills.  On Sunday morning, we cooked bacon on campfire using a shovel as a frying pan.  Bacon never tasted so good after a long night in the wilderness. 

The only requirement remaining for the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge is starting fires using 3 different methods.

Each of the following will count as a separate method and we plan on a fire skills class soon.