Hiking Gear

The idea of hiking is to get out there and enjoy the day. You should bring what is needed for the day, to include if the weather turns to be unfavorable. Carrying everything you would need for a backpacking trip will overload a scout and potentially prevent the scout and group from completing a hike.

10 Essentials

  • These are needed on all outings


  • Daypack

    • Use on day hikes

    • Doesn't need to be and shouldn't be large

    • Large enough to hold 10 essentials, lunch and rain gear


  • Avoid Cotton

  • Adventure Shirt

    • Synthetic microfiber - drys quickly

  • Adventure Pants

    • Nylon - dries quickly

    • Convertible pants are popular with scouts



Other Gear

  • Trekking Poles

  • Cathole Trowel

    • Everybody poops

    • One should be carried by the group - just in case

    • GSI Cathole Trowel

      • Plastic = durable and cheap

    • Deuce Potty Trowel

      • Light weight metal

      • Too delicate for careless scouts