Who We Are - Adults

Our Troop has a long scouting history starting in 1921 as Troop 1
and later being rechartered as Troop 49 in 1928.

Our cadre of Scouters work with our scouts to ensure
our scouts have a high quality and safe scouting experience.

We are lucky enough to have many experienced scouters
with some really interesting backgrounds.

All leaders must pass a background check and are heavily vetted.

Interested in joining our team? Speak with our Scoutmaster.


Keeps everything safe and legal

Ms M

Keeps Troop running

Medical Professional

Scoutmaster Mr Hazard

Keeps Scouting exciting

ROTC instructor

Retired US Army Infantry

Mr W

Wilderness Survival ASM

Wilderness Medicine ASM

Canoe ASM

Snow Adventure ASM

Retired Navy Corpsman

Mr M

Hiking/Backpacking ASM

Really nice guy

Mr H

Quartermaster extraordinaire

Ms G


Purchases all the patches!

Ms H


Pays for the fun