Bushcraft Knives

A knife designed for Bushcrafting allows a Scout to easily and safely perform advanced Wilderness skills. We discuss and teach these skills in our Wilderness Survival classes. Having the proper knife makes a huge difference what a scout will be able to due during training.

Note: Fixed Blade Knives are banned in many Scout Camps and by many Troops.

Morakniv Knives

Made in Mora Sweden, Morakniv knives are know globally for their quality blades. They are considered the industry standard for survival and bushcrafting knives.

We use and recommend Morakniv or similar Fixed Blade Knives during Wilderness Survival Training. Why? A basic fixed blade knife allows for advanced Wilderness Techniques. A folding knife is not designed for some of these techniques and will eventually break. Breaking a knife is both sad and potentially dangerous.

What makes a Morakniv so special?

    • Swedish made

    • Scandinavian grind

      • Allows for making feather sticks

      • Great for carving

      • Much more robust than hollow grind knives

      • NOTE: Requires special sharpening technique

    • Most models have the option of a Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel blade

      • Stainless steel doesn't rust and is more Scout-proof

      • Carbon steel holds an edge better but requires some maintenance and care

    • Blade can be beaten over and over with few failures

      • Great for battoning wood

        • Allows for splitting of wood

        • Cutting down small trees

        • Building Pioneering structures

    • Hard plastic sheath

      • Don't worry about knife cutting through sheath

      • Shavings from sheath can also be used to start a fire

    • Overall quality and design of these knives are excellent

    • Very reasonably price

      • Great value

Image: morakniv.se

Different Morakniv Models

There are many different types of Moraknivs to consider. These are the 4 most popular types for bushcraft use.

Image: morakniv.se
  • Excellent survival knife for under $20

  • 3/4 stick tang

Image: morakniv.se
  • Thicker blade (3.2 mm)

  • Excellent knife for a few more dollars

Image: morakniv.se
  • Nice ground spine designed for fire starting

  • Slightly longer than Companion

  • Only slight improvement over Companion HD

Image: morakniv.se
  • Full-tang blade will survive huge amounts of abuse

  • More knife than needed by most scouts or adults

Which Mora to Choose?

  • The Companion is excellent and will fit the needs of 95% of users

    • For under $20, this is hard to beat (except when battoning)

    • Stainless Steel blade option doesn't rust and is better for most Scouts

  • The Companion HD is a nice upgrade

    • Blade is same thickness as higher end Moras

  • Both the Companion and the Companion HD need their spine ground sharp

    • Easy to do with sandpaper or rough sharpening stone

    • This allows for tinder processing and firerod striking

  • The Bushcraft and Gerberg are ready to go out of the box, but is more knife than most Scouts will ever need

Morakniv Mods

There are several common mods that will enhance the utility of your Morakniv.

  • Grind spine to 90° edge - vital for making tinder and striking ferrorod

  • Treat carbon steel blade with vinegar

  • Drill out hole for lanyard

  • Add ferrorod

  • Add cordage

  • Add fire tinder

  • Mod sheath to better hold knife

  • Improved sheath

  • Grind and sharpen bevel

Common Morakniv Mods

Morakniv Alternatives

You don't have to purchase or use a Morakniv. We don't get any money or special perks for using this brand. But from years of experience, we have learned the hard and expensive way that Moras meet the buscrafting needs of most are are very affordable.

There are many knife manufactures out there that make excellent knives. Some are really good. The really nice ones tend to be very expensive, sometimes insanely expensive. We don't advise scouts or parents purchase expensive knives, as they will likely get lost or damaged through the course of the scouting experience. It is easy to replace a lost $20 Mora. It is much more painful to lose a $200 knife on your first scouting outing.