Canoeing Gear

Canoeing is about getting out on the water and exploring. With canoeing, expect to get wet, cold and a LOT of sun exposure.

10 Essentials

  • These are needed on all outings

Basic Gear

  • Dry Bag

    • Keeps gear waterproof - even if canoe capsizes

  • Boonie style hat

    • 360° brim protects head from sun

Water Boots

  • Boots must ALLOW for drainage

  • Acceptable options:

  • NOT Acceptable - these collect and trap water around your feet

    • Waterproof rubber boots

    • GORE-TEX boots

    • Neoprene Booties - good for shorts trips on icy water but take forever to dry out

Dry Camp Shoes

  • Wear these in camp - allows feet to dry out

  • Sandals that allow you to wear wool socks (NO Flip-Flops!)

  • Crocs (fastest drying shoes available)

Camp Gear

  • If you are camping, pack what you would for a backpacking or car camping trip

  • All gear needs to be waterproofed

    • Pack in Dry bag, Bucket or in Contractor Trashbags


  • You don't need to supply your own canoe, but maybe you want to head out on a family only trip?

  • You can find awesome deals on Offer up and Facebook Marketplace in the winter

  • You may wish to come talk to our canoe team first to avoid buyer's remorse

  • Look for

    • Flat bottom

    • 15-16 feet

    • $200-400 range

    • If you can find a Royalex one, get it or let us know so we can

    • Information on: Canoe Shopping