Geocaching Merit Badge

Date: August 2021

Time to go on a treasure hunt!

After an intro to geocaching, we met at Lynndale Park.  There , scouts set up several geocaches and then went on The Hunt for scout made caches and official ones. 

This was a blast and we look forward to future geo hunts.

Post Class Notes

There is still stuff left for Geocaching.  A lot of what’s left can be done as a group.  Brandon W has ideas.  I can also share ideas with the SPL.

Course Notes: MeritBadge-Geocaching.pdf


Meeting 1 – 18 Aug 2021

6.  Describe the four steps to finding your first cache to your counselor. Then mark and edit a waypoint.



Meeting 2 – 25 Aug 2021 at the Park

5.  Do the following:

9.  Plan a geo-hunt for a youth group such as your troop or a neighboring pack, at school, or your place of worship. Choose a theme, set up a course with at least four waypoints, teach the players how to use a GPS unit, and play the game. Tell your counselor about your experience, and share the materials you used and developed for this event.



7. With your parent's permission*, go to Type in your city and state to locate public geocaches in your area. Share the posted information about three of those geocaches with your counselor. Then, pick one of the three and find the cache.

*To fulfill this requirement, you will need to set up a free user account with Ask your parent for permission and help before you do so.

8.  Do ONE of the following:


Some of these can be completed by the troop and organized by the SPL.

Some just have to be done at home.

If a scout missed a meeting, they can complete requirements that were covered at that meeting and turn it in.  The course notes cover the meeting material.