Other Merit Badge Resources

With scouts and scouters all over the US and abroad, there are many resources available to both Scouts and Counselors.

BSA Resources

  • Merit Badges - BSA list of merit badges and most recent requirements

Council Resources

Our Council is busy provided Merit Badge Opportunities

Many/most of the council run merit badge course are taught by adult leaders in Troop 49

Bryon on Scouting

Bryon on Scouting lists 58 MB's that you can work on at home that does not involve a visit to a public place or company.

Help from Scouts/Scouters

What help from a former Eagle Scout?

  • Cole (Eagle 2014) put together a great resource:

  • Hans Curt (Mechanical Engineer and Eagle Scout) has many MB guides

Worksheets by usscouts.org

MB requirements and worksheet aids:

MB Depot Resource Library

Pamphlet, Worksheet, Sample PowerPoint, and YouTube Videos from many Merit Badges.


There are several super scouters and MB specific Groups on Facebook

Scoutmaster Bucky

Brian Reiners from Northern Star Scouting

Note - some of his offerings are In Person!