Backpack choice is important and finding the right backpack will allow Scouts and Adults go on many of the great adventure we have planned.

Backpack Considerations

A backpack will be needed for most trips and outings we do in scouting.  A daypack is needed for most day trips, but functional backpack will be needed for most trips that involve camping.

Backpack Considerations

3-Season Backpacks

Teton Scout 3400


Teton Explorer 4000


Economy Backpacks

You can find economy backpacks for less than $40 at Walmart.  You generally get what you pay for, and these may not survive a season of rough use.  We recommend against these.

If you need a backpack, come talk to our Scoutmaster.  We have extras to loan out. 

Higher End Backpacks

Gregory Baltoro 65


Osprey Atomos AG 65


Ultralight Backpacks

ULA Circuit


Hyperlite 3400 Junction


Winter Backpack

You will need to carry a lot more gear in the winter.

Something larger than 65 liters and the ability to strap gear on the outside of pack is needed.  

Teton Grand 5500


Gear Pulk

Many scouts will not be able to carry all of this gear on their winter back.  You may also not be excited about purchasing a giant backpack for just one season of the year.  Consider a Gear Pulk (equipment sled)

Come talk to our Winter Adventures Team.  We'll show you how to turn a $30 sled into a piece of Expedition Gear.