Scout Folding Knives

Classic Scouts Knives were a big part of being a scout back in the day. The enabled scouts to do all types of camp craft.

There is still something special about these knives and are desirable for sentimental/nostalgic value and for their pure utility.

"The Knife of a Thousand Uses"

Image: 1930s Remington Ad

Brief History

The first Boy Scout knife was introduced about a year after the founding of the Boy Scouts of America in 1910. Since then hundreds of different types of knives were made for scouting use. Some had BSA symbols added to the handle and some had special scout etching on the blades.

Most Boy Scouts knives share similar designs with Military Folding Knives that predated them.

Up until 2007, Boy Scout knives were made in the US by prominent knife companies. Well known brands such as Camillus, Schrade, Remington, Imperial, and Ulster all made Boy Scout knives. After Camillus stopped production of Scout knives in 2007, the BSA switched to sourcing Chinese made knives.

Camillus Scout Knives

Following World War 2, Camillus started making official folding knives for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in 1947. Camillus also made a number of knives for the US military. They continued making knives for the BSA and military until 2007 when Acme United Corporation bought out the company.

Camillus Scout and Military knives can still be found on eBay and vintage trading sites.

4-blade Camp Knife ( #BSAOO8 )


3-blade Cub Scout Camp Knife ( #BSA885)


Camp Knife #1760


Victorinox Scout Knives

Victorinox has been making excellent knives since 1891. Many of the traditional Scout knives were modeled after these knives. Victorinox is also one of the few remaining knife companies that still makes quality Traditional Scout Style knives. They also make other models that are very suitable for scouting and are discussed below.

Tinker Multi Tool


Swiss Army BSA Classic Pocket Knife


Victorinox Pioneer Alox
Modeled after Weger SI Military Knife
Most Similar to Traditional Scout Knife


Military Knives

Many of the traditional Scout Knife designs were modeled after Military pocket knives. These were often used by Scouts and many Scouts preferred the Military Models over the official BSA ones.

These can be found on eBay, gun shows and other similar markets.


  • U.S. Military Utility Pocket Knife

    • Used in military SERE (survival) School

    • aka MIL-K-818D

    • aka MLK

    • aka Milk Knife

    • aka US Knife

    • aka Demo knife

    • NSN 5110-00-162-2205

    • Manufactured by Stevens, Kingston, Ulster, Imperial, Western, Case, Queen and Camillus

      • Camillus Model 1760

        • First made around 1945

      • Colonial Knife still makes these (sold at marked up price)

Camp Knife #1760

  • German Army Bundeswehr Knife (108mm blade)

    • Excellent knife that has been discontinued

    • aka GAK

    • aka Bundeswehr eagle

    • Made by many manufactures

      • Ones with Victorinox stamp are among the best

      • avoid Chinese fakes

    • You can still find these for less that $25 if you look around

    • Knife was replaced by larger 111mm knives

BW German Army Knife

  • Wenger Standard Issue and Victorinox Soldier

    • Made for Swiss Army

    • aka Wenger Swiss Army 70

    • aka Wenger 16520

    • Victorinox Soldier is very similar to Victorinox Pioneer Alox

    • Replaced in 2008 by 111mm locking blade knife


Wenger 16520


Other Vintage Scout Knives

Several knife companies made knives for the BSA. These include:

Modern Boy Scout Style Knives

Victorinox is one of the few knife companies left making quality Traditional Scout Styled Knives. Most of the other newly manufactured options on the market are manufactured in China. This is good and bad. The good is there are plenty of very affordable knives on the market. The bad is that quality is generally inferior to what grandpa had when he was a Scout.

Victorinox (aka Swiss Army Knives)

Victorinox Spartan


Chinese Knockoffs

BSA Deluxe Pocket Knife
Made in China