High Adventure

High Adventure gives our Scouts a real challenge they can plan for and work up towards. High Adventure isn't easy. It requires a lot of planning, training and the final event will put Scouts to the test. The experience if of course memorable and often life changing.

Planning and Preparation

High Adventure requires a good deal of planning and train up to do it right. After our Scouts determine the high adventure destination for the following year, our High Adventure team puts together a training plan that will prepare Scouts for the final adventure. This includes working on team building, endurance training, gear preparation and special training to ensure a safe and successful adventure.

Basic Considerations for PreAdventure Planning

  • Destination Selection

  • Goals of Adventure

  • Reservations

  • Permits

  • Specialized Gear required for Adventure location

  • Required Safety Gear

  • Basic Gear

  • Safety and Medical Concerns

  • Safety Training Requirements

  • Skills Training

  • Endurance Progression

  • Team Building

  • Logistics

  • The Shakeout - test scouts and troop

  • Train-Up Plan writeup and scheduling

  • Final Adventure Plan

    • Trip Itinerary

    • Gear Plan

    • Transportation Plan

    • Food Plan

    • Emergency/Evac Plan

    • Trained Adult Plan

    • Youth Assignment plan

    • Resupply Plan if needed

Example of Planning for High Adventure

In 2022, Troop 49 was busy training up for our big Canoe Adventures in June and August. To be safe on our big canoe adventures, it is vital that all scouts and adult support receive proper training on paddling and emergency drills.

Our canoe instructors demonstrating paddling techniques before we hit the water.

Scouts heading out on navigation course

After Canoe Training, our Troop headed out for the big Shakeout - an overnight Canoe Camping trip on Kachess Lake.

We got to camp on a small island only accessible by watercraft. We were able to use both our Camping and new Canoeing Skills to make this all happen.

Some places can only be accessed via canoe, such at this waterfall on No Name Creek on Lake Kachess.

It was a long paddle journey to get here. But when we got there, it is very clear that it was worth every paddle stroke to get there and back.

Scouts and adults leaders alike enjoyed the cold water, roaring sounds of water crashing and the energy of such a surreal place.

In August, we worked on canoeing skills on the waterways of Steamboat Slough. The narrow and windy water helped hone our steering skills and showed us what a full day of canoeing was like.

After a year or prep work, our High Adventure Team was ready for the Big High Adventure trip of the year. In late August, we spent 5 days on Baker Lake, exploring some of the over 25 miles of shore, practicing our skills, canoepacking, hiking and just plain old having fun. More on this on our Baker Lake Canoe Adventure Page,

After a year of train-up and preparation, it is clear that Troop 49 has the skills and attitude to go on even more exciting canoe adventures.