Coveted Gold 60 Club Patch
Earned by shooting a perfect score of 60

Shooting Sports

The purpose of BSA shooting sports is to teach firearm safety while introducing youth to a variety of shooting sports programs. The BSA’s shooting sports programs are developed and implemented through age-appropriate training and experiences.

The Boy Scouts of America adheres to its longstanding policy of teaching its youth and adult members the safe, responsible, and intelligent handling, care, and use of firearms, archery, and hand-held throwing sports in planned, carefully managed, and supervised programs for each youth who chooses to participate.

Shooting Sports are very popular is Scouting and Troop 49 is lucky enough to have several members of our council shooting committee in our troop.

Our Troop regularly supports council shooting events and can staff and run our own troop events if there is an interest.

If you are interested in Shooting Sports or earning one or more of the 3 Shooting Sports Merit Badges, talk to our Shooting Sports Team.

Cowboy Action Shooting
Only authorized as a special Council Event

Shooting Resources

The BSA has strict guidelines on how shooting sports are conducted, who is authorized to run these events and what events can be run. Some shooting events can only be performed by Venturing Scouts or at special Council Events. Others, like firing air rifles, .22 rifles, 12 gauge shotguns and archery can be run as a Troop event.

NRA Basic and NRA Instructors Courses

NRA Basic courses for Rifle and for Shotgun are available at scout camp most months of the year. These courses cover the basics of safe firearm handling and cover most of of the merit badge material for their respective firearm. For Adults interested in becoming an Instructor or for youth interested in becoming a Junior Instructor, come speak with our Shooting Sports Team. If you are interested in other disciplines, such as Black Powder or Pistol, come speak with our Team.


Card split with .22 rifle

Muzzleloader Shooting
Another Special Council Event