Baker Lake Canoe Adventure Outing

Date: August 25-28, 2022

Baker Lake is located in the North Cascades on the eastern foot of Mount Baker. Troop 49 met the advance team on Thursday and headed out across the lake to a remote campsite accessible only watercraft or a really long hike in. We worked on canoe and water rescue skills, canoed around the lake and explored the forest on a trail that skirted the lake.

Between adventures, we played in the water, played card games and had an incredible campfire ceremony. What a great adventure and wonderful way of finishing off the summer.

Our scouts are interested in coming back again and are interested in next years adventures.

Map made using Google Earth

On the Water

The water on Baker Lake was at times glassy and smooth. At other times, the winds would pick up and turn the lake into a rolling sea that would challenge our adult safeties. Scouts traveled on the water when the lake was nice and flat or with light waves.

Throw Bag Rescue Training

Each canoe was equipped with a throw bag for water rescue. But what it the point of having special gear if you don't know how to look at it. We all practiced throwing throw bags at each other and repacking them for future use.

Out and About

Baker Lake has around 25 miles of coastline. It was fun to explore the lake and recon for future campsites.

Map Reading

Map reading is a vital skill both on the water and on land. Scouts were trained by a former Special Forces officer and then tested their skills around the lake.

Exploring by Foot

We thought we were on a Canoe Outing. We were, but there are also some incredible trails to explore.

Noisy Creek

Noisy Creek was just a short distance from our campsite. It was apparently noisy.

Noisy Creek Bridge and view from Bridge

A really nice bridge allowed us to cross over Noisy Creek. On the lake side of the bridge, we could see a tiny island just big enough for a tent. From our campsite, we could see people who camp on the very small campsite.

Swim Skills

Swimming is always a popular lake activity. Our campsites had a nice beach for landing our canoes and provided easy access to prime swim areas.

Heading Home

We were sad to leave, but eventually had to pack up and head home. The lake was kind to us and was nice and flat on the way out. We landed back on the Western Shore, loaded up our vehicles and headed out for pizza.